The Best Unlimited Free Cloud Storage Solution

The Best Unlimited Free Cloud Storage Solution

Hive (the storage site) is actually pretty good, but there are some issues. Still, combining it with Mega for secure files and Drive for common use and quick access is a good free set up.

Hive provides free unlimited storage with a 50GB daily limit and up to 20GB file size, which should be sufficient. The ability for Hive to, if they wanted, screen or delete everything of your’s is less than ideal, as is its HQ being somewhat sketchy. But, it’s free of malware or anything else, so it’s still a good option for things you deem less sensitive, and it works nicely to share files with friend.

Hive also lacks folder uploads and desktop syncing, which is a huge bummer. It’s a bit of a clunky design all around.

Mega is one of the most secure free options around and still provides a solid 50GB of storage, which should be enough for anything you really don’t want to be seen by others. Drive is likely to always have your files and is a nice platform, which makes it nice for some things you either (a) could not lose or (b) use often. This is in contrast to Hive, where they could theoretically delete all your stuff at will; you should also avoid uploading illegal documents of any kind, as they could be screened and deleted. Drive should also have enough space for this sort of thing with 15GB free.

Now, it is true that getting, say, Mega Pro (I, II, or III) for up to 4TB of secure storage would be better, as would getting how ever much you need from Drive, which is still pretty secure and can be made more secure with good practices. However, you will be paying a premium for this, and not the nice kind where you give them your money and they shut up – no – this is the kind where you have to dish out the cash monthly, which can get uber-expensive.